Top 5 FAQs of Muscleblaze

Top 5 FAQs of Muscleblaze to get a Headstart in Gym

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MuscleBlaze. Is the Brand genuine? Are its products safe to use? Should I use them? Many such questions are on the minds of people, when trying a new product. In a few years, Muscleblaze Protein Supplements have gained quite a popularity. But, still people are sceptical about its use at their first try.

To clear all your doubts, we have put together top 5 questions on Muscleblaze that are most frequently asked by a lot of people.

Being introduced to the world of supplements can be quite overwhelming. Sometimes, you are not able to make up your mind on what brand to choose from to further your fitness goal.

Listed below are the most frequently asked questions about MuscleBlaze

Is MuscleBlaze FSSAI marked?


And according to the website all MuscleBlaze products are manufactured at FSSAI approved manufacturing facilities. All its products undergo rigorous testing and multiple quality checks before it reaches you.

Therefore, MuscleBlaze provides you with best bodybuilding supplements.

Is Muscleblaze a good protein powder? Is it Indian or imported?

First of all, MuscleBlaze is an Indian Brand although they claim to have their raw materials exported from U.S. About the quality, we can’t just blindly believe what they wrote on their label.

But, one thing that attracts my attention is that they have this “Is your protein original” column, where you can actually check the authenticity of your product.

And I think that it’s a very brave move, not that any other company does that. Apart from the raw materials being imported from US, all the other processes are carried out in Indian plants.

According to the company website, the manufacturing of the final products takes place at FSSAI, HACCP certified state of the art plant, which means that the supplement undergoes rigorous testing and multiple quality checks before it reaches the customer. All this makes Muscleblaze Products the best choice.

All in all, I would recommend not to base your choices on popularity or ads, just do your own research and then make the decision.

Is MuscleBlaze Whey Protein safe?

For a fitness beginner, it protein can be a bit intimidating when being introduced to a large tub of whey. However, whey protein is as safe as cow’s milk and it is even used in baby food.

It’s a totally natural product, and is made when cow’s milk is processed for making cheese, it breaks into two parts: protein lumps, known as casein and watery liquid, or whey. This watery liquid is pasteurized and dried into a powder called whey protein.

There are no side effects but when using whey proteins from other brands, some people feel bloated. However, this isn’t the case with MuscleBlaze whey protein, as it comes with Digestive enzymes.

Which Whey Protein to Choose?

There are different varieties of whey protein available in the market like concentrate, isolate or blend. A concentrate is 80% protein while isolate has higher protein content, close to 90%.

Whereas blend contains other nutrients along with whey protein. To answer the question, it depends on the purpose of its use.

For gym beginners and sports enthusiasts, whey concentrate is best suited as the protein content in it varies between 60-80%. Also, this protein is not for lactose intolerant.

But, if you are a regular gym user or bodybuilder, then Whey protein isolate e.g. Muscleblaze Gold is for you.

It has higher protein content, and is virtually lactose and fat free, which makes it perfect for elite athletes and bodybuilders who demand quicker recovery and are concerned about their calorie intake.

For those who lift heavy, need the energy of Creatine to last longer in the gym. For them, whey protein is blended with Creatine which helps them stay longer and workout harder in the gym.

What are the Benefits of Muscleblaze over other brands?

Muscleblaze has become quite famous for bringing the international-grade sports nutritional supplements with the raw materials being sourced from the best international sources.

One of the most interesting feature of this brand is that they guarantee the authencity of their each and every product with a special ‘Unique Code’ service.

All of it manufacturing process take place at FSSAI, HACCP certified state of the art plant, which a new user is looking for. Another advantage Muscleblaze provides is a reasonable price range.

Each MuscleBlaze product carries a unique, non-duplicable code, which the consumer can just punch in at the authentication section of the official site. They can also send it through SMS on the number provided to verify the authenticity of the supplement.

I hope that all your queries regarding this brand have been solved. But, if still you are facing any confusion, then feel free to write back to us and ask whatever you want. We would love to hear back from you.

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