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Is Dr Basu Isotine Eye Drop Really Helpful in Improving Vision?

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Our Eye is one of the striking features of our body which serves as a window to see this beautiful world we have in front of ourselves. It not only helps us to admire physical beauty but also gives us the intellect to analyze and interpret things around us.

Every new gadget whether it be a new iPhone or a tablet, bring along with it the danger of weak eyesight and bigger glasses. Being a regular user of glasses, I know the hassle of interchanging glasses and lenses every day and let’s not forget dark circles and saggy eyes.

The promise of Isotine Eye Drop to correct eye defects and improving eye vision is like a beacon of hope for us and the product being Ayurvedic serve as a cherry on top.

Isotine Plus Eye Drop
Isotine Plus Eye Drop

Wearing glasses and changing lenses almost becomes a daily chore. Dr Basu Isotine Eye Drop aid in getting rid of this extra work and allows us to enjoy freely.

Why Use Dr Basu Eye Drop?

Approximately 8 million to 2.3 million people around the world have impaired vision due to cataract and uncorrected refractive error. These Isotine Ayurvedic eye drops are fairly balanced with Ayurvedic properties and help to cure many eye diseases.

Not all eye drops available in the market are safe to use, so you have to make sure what kind of eye drops to put in your eyes. We are focusing on eye drops that not only cure eye diseases but also improves our vision. Dr Basu Isotine Eye Drops helps to achieve this goal of ours with safety assurance and visual improvement.

Dr Basu Isotine Plus Herbal Eye Drop
Dr Basu Isotine Plus Herbal Eye Drop

Nowadays, Ayurveda becomes one of the promising fields of medicine not just in India but people around the globe are now reaching towards herbal outlook and incorporating them in their daily routine.

Isotine Eye Drops are very effective, safe and can improve the quality of vision. These eye drops consist of Ayurvedic herbs and natural products, so the chances of side effects and allergic reactions are less likely to occur.

Eye diseases like myopia, hypermetropia and cataract can be treated with Isotine Eye Drops along with vision improvement.

Herbal Ingredients in Isotine Eye Drops

Herbal products ensure visible and long term results as they focus on the root cause of the problem. So, why go for other eyes drops when we have an Ayurvedic Herbal remedy in your grasp.

Isotine Eye drops contain one of the most popular and effective biological herbs present in Ayurvedic medicine that are:

1) Palash

2) Apamarg

3) Punarnava

4) YashedBhasma

5) TankanaBhasma

6) Alum

7) TuthBhasma

8) SatvaPudina

Even though the results of Ayurvedic products are quite slow, they remove the problem completely and effectively. As consistency is the key to Ayurvedic medicine, I would prefer Isotine plus Eye Drop over other products any day.


Dr Basu Eye Drop: Benefits and Side Effects


  • Treats eye disorders like cataract, glaucoma, myopia etc.
  • Improves eye vision
  • It also treats night blindness.
  • They can be used after a cataract operation.

Side Effects:

No side effects of Isotine Eye Drops are reported so far. So, you can use them with an easy mind.

Isotine Eye Drops: Scientific Facts and Proofs

Dr M.S. Basu, a renowned Ayurvedic consultant, conducted a follow up schedule of 23 patients of myopia, hypermetropia and cataract before, during and after the treatment with Isotine Eye Drops, at Dr. Basu Eye Hospital at Bareli, U.P.

Check: https://www.isotineeyedrops.com/media/isotine-research-report.pdf

The results show that 14 out of 23 patients have achieved normal vision with no need of glasses. Various research papers and case studies are available on the internet for proper knowledge about Isotine Eye Drops.

Isotine Eye Drop
Isotine Eye Drop

Product Information

Price: Dr Basu Isotine Eye Drop are available at very reasonable prices. The 10 ml bottle costs only Rs. 79.16.

At TabletShablet, there is a wide range of Isotine products including Isotine plus Eye Drop that are used for prolong effects and better results. Another product of Isotine that is very popular nowadays is Isotine Gold Pack. The pack contains Isotine plus eye drop along with Isoneuron capsule.

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Stay Healthy Stay Safe.

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