Herabal Hair Oil

Herbal Hair Oil: Natural Way to Protect your Hair

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Our hair is our most treasured asset and how much we love them because they add beauty to our looks and we proudly love to flaunt our long, strong and healthy hair.

To enhance our beauty and looks we style them, color them, and experiment with new and latest trends and in the process damage, the hair and the result is hair loss, dryness, dandruff and premature graying.

A few decades ago when our mothers were homemakers, we were blessed and lucky because we had a regular hair care regimen which was religiously followed because our mothers made sure that it was.

Regular oil massage, regular trimming of hair, no harmful chemical treatments, no fancy colors, and Henna being the basic coloring agent powered with the goodness of super herbs like amla, shikakai, jatamansi and others were the rituals we used to swear by.

But as time passed and the trends changed, the focus shifted from home remedies which although effective were time-consuming and tedious.

With lesser time on hand and the younger generation being more savvy, fashion conscious and quite open to newer trends were not afraid to experiment with their hair be it getting streaks or going global, highlighting or low lighting, straightening or perming, no matter what, they just follow their heart.

For the middle-aged hair coloring is the need of the hour and for the young, it is a way to flaunt their stylish and trendy hair.

What Harms our hair?

Our healthy, long and strong hair which shine is a reflection of our good health and healthy lifestyle and good habits. It is a parameter which shows that our hair is nourished and do not lack in vital nutrients.

Some of the main reasons which result in hair loss and damage our hair are

  • Lack of proper nutrition
  • Dirt and pollution
  • Deficiency of vital nutrients
  • Excessive exposure to chemical and heat procedures
  • Stress and lifestyle-induced diseases
  • Genetic Disorders
  • Hormonal Imbalance
  • Post Natal Hair Loss
  • Lack of Proper Blood Circulation

These factors weaken our mane resulting in hair fall, breakage, dry and damaged hair which now needs much more care and attention for revival.

Recommendations from the Experts

The hair care experts and trichologists the world over swear by the same old, time tested Ayurvedic method of treatment which the present day generation considers as the “old school of thought”.

Ayurvedic products which were always considered as safe and effective are now back with all their glory. And when it comes to hair care and hair revival we fall back on the ingredients our mothers and grand-mothers always recommended.

Why go Herbal

Herbal hair Oil

Ayurveda and Ayurvedic herbs have its origin in the ancient cultures and it involves the usage of the certain plants and their specific parts to treat an ailment or to enhance our general well being and health.

Ayurvedic herbal products are safer and effective to use –why? Because unlike the chemical preparations available with all the chemically formulated compounds show results faster but these chemical products also come with complimentary side effects and their over usage may cause harm in the long run.

Ayurveda has been in practice since ages not only for cosmetic treatments but also for the treatment of diseases. It is found to be more effective because it strikes at the root cause of the problems and gives a long-lasting effect.

The results could be slow but definitely visible. Therefore, for the effective control of hair loss- the most dreaded condition “Herbal Hair Oils” are highly recommended.

How do Herbal Hair Oils Work

Ayurveda is the most ancient system of healthcare which beliefs in holistic healing through herbs. A study of medicine that cures by using various parts of the herbs like root, leaves, fruits, seeds, bark etc.

If the required herb and its specific part which is most appropriate to treat a condition is used in the appropriate amount in combination with other herbs which compliment its action, believe me the results are magical.

A lot of Herbal Hair Oil available in the market but you can’t trust them, here we recommended you a Herbal Hair Oil  Knotss – A Complete Ayurvedic Herbal Hair Oil.

Why Knotss Herbal Hair Oil

Knotss is an Ayurvedic Herbal Hair Oil which has been developed as per ancient research and studies of the Holy Ayurvedic books. The best quality ingredients have been used to prepare the finest blend of Knotss by the renowned Kshirpak Vidhi.


Herbal Hair Oil

Knotss hair oil is an ideal combination of  power herbs like Bhringraj , Haritaki, Aloe Vera etc which collectively are very effective in combating hair problems.

A gentle massage on a regular basis helps to increase the blood circulation, revives the dormant hair follicles and allows vital nutrients to penetrate.

Hence a regular massage with Knotss is strongly recommended. So start using Knotss Hair Oil and soon you and Knotss will be inseparable.

Useful Tips For Hair Care

Before we end this let me make it very clear that the best products in the world may not work as desired because besides using the best oils, shampoos etc we need to keep a few other things inn mind.

Here are a few tips to manage your hair beautifully

  • Regularly oil your hair to keep it hydrated and nourished, particularly before shampoo.
  • Always shampoo using cold or lukewarm water. Never use hot water as it dries and damages the hair.
  • Regularly trim your hair.
  • Avoid over use of heating and styling tools to prevent damage.
  • Hair colors and trendy styles which require a chemical cosmetic procedure , may be in these days but over exposure to these procedures cause great damage. Avoid or restrict if possible.
  • Tie your hair loose while going to sleep.
  • Cover your hair with a hat or scarf when out to avoid damage due to exposure to sun , dirt and pollution.
  • Detangle your hair from the tips and not from the roots, since it may cause more breakage.
  • Love your hair and treat them in a gentle manner.


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