Health Benefits of Drinking Green Tea

What are the Health Benefits of Drinking Green Tea?

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Green Tea has become the most popular drink these days, and is considered one of the healthiest beverages. Whether it’s for getting a good skin or watching their weight, more and more people are inclining towards this green drink. And why wouldn’t they? There are many benefits of drinking Green tea and no side effects, as it is totally natural.

Originated from China, Green Tea is made from the leaves and buds of Camellia sinensis plant and is loaded with antioxidants, which offers many health benefits.

Most of you wouldn’t even know that both green tea and black tea originate from the same Camellia sinensis plant. It’s the variety of the plant and the way they are processed that makes green tea “green” and the black tea “black”.

Listen below some of the many green tea or green tea extract benefits:

Lowers the Risk of Heart Diseases

Cardiovascular diseases like heart attacks and strokes, are the leading cause of death around the world.

Studies have shown that green tea may reduce the risk of heart diseases, by improving total cholesterol and bad cholesterol levels.

According to a people based study, people who drink green tea have up to a 31% lower risk of dying from a cardiovascular disease.

Aids in Weight loss

I think most of us came to learn about Green tea as a weight loss drink (at least I do). Green tea is really popular as a weight loss drink.

Rich in Catechins and caffeine, this combination of green tea aids in weight loss by regulating the hormones that can enhance thermogenesis, a process when your body burns calories and produces heat.

Most of the thermogenic supplements aids in weight loss by boosting metabolism, increasing fat burning and reducing appetite.

The best time to drink green tea for flat tummy is after the meals but, you shouldn’t do it if you have a sensitive stomach. You can also drink green tea in the morning and later in the evening.

Enhances Memory Function

While drinking green tea gives you instant freshness and alertness, it can also boost your memory function too.

Caffeine present in it is in an amount enough to produce a response without causing the jittery effects.

Research has shown that caffeine can improve various aspects of brain function, including mood, vigilance, and memory function.

Benefits of Drinking Green Tea for Skin

It’s not just the green tea face packs and mask that can beautify your skin but drinking green tea also offers many skincare benefits.

Drinking green tea can also serves as a new and natural treatment for skin problems like psoriasis, dandruff, dermatitis, rosacea and warts. It also helps improve skin elasticity and delays skin ageing effects.

There are many people who are drinking green tea for skin whitening and to improve skin tone. A study has also shown that green tea can reduce skin damage caused by sun exposure.

May Reduce the Risk of Cancer

The role of antioxidants in the body is to fight away free radicals, which can increase the risk of developing cancers. And since Green tea is rich in antioxidants, there is a higher chance that it can lead to cancer prevention.

 Various researches have linked green tea compounds with reduced risk of cancers of Breast, Prostate, and Colorectal.

According to a study, people who drink green tea are less likely to develop several types of cancer, than non-green tea drinkers.

May Lower the Blood Sugar level

Diabetes is undoubtedly the most prevalent disease in the current times, due to an unhealthy lifestyle or any other reason. And it is very important for the person who has it, to keep it in check.

The catechins in it, especially EGCG, enhances the insulin sensitivity and regulate the production of blood sugar, which contributes to lower blood sugar levels. This shows that Green tea may help improve insulin sensitivity and reduce blood sugar levels.

It can also help prevent type 2 diabetes.

Can Promote Longevity

Most of the deaths these days are caused by heart problems, diabetes, high blood pressure, and cancers.

So, if green tea can help prevent and reduce the risk of these problems then, people who drink green tea on a regular basis, have a higher chance of living a long, and healthy life.

And for people who want to know how to drink green tea? Or the best way to drink green tea?

The best way to drink green tea is to put the leaves (or the extract) into the boiling water and then drink it. It is best if you don’t boil the leaves too much. Just, put it in boiling water for 1-2 minutes.

Indian Brew Green Tea: The Best Quality Green Tea

After confirming that Green tea does offer many health benefits, let’s find out a brand of green tea that brings to you all those amazing benefits.

Indian Brew-Green Tea

One such brand of green tea is Indian Brew, which delivers a collection of highest-quality pure, green teas.

Each and every type of Indian Brew Green tea is made through extensive research and is taken care of from the entire process from the garden to the brewing cup.

TabletShablet has a wide range of Indian Brew teas like Indian Brew Pure Green Tea, which is a pure organic green tea. Whereas, the Indian Brew Honey and Lemon Green Tea provide all the benefits of Green tea with lemon flavour, to satisfy your palette.

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