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What is the Purpose of all those Different Fitness Supplements?

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The word Supplement itself defines its purpose. That, it is taken to enhance a feature or to serve as additional support. But, when it comes to fitness supplements, their purpose changes according to the type of supplement you take.

With tons of fitness supplementsavailable in the market and some of them basically of the same purpose. That sometimes, it becomes difficult to understand what their purpose actually is.

Many of you would wonder that the supplements that you’re using are actually worth it or is just a waste of money? If you do then, this blog is for you all, and for people who are still confused about the difference in weight and mass gainers.

With the market flooding with fitness supplements, in which some are genuine but others are just ripping you off your money. Let’s find out what different kinds of fitness supplements are there in the market:

1. Weight Loss Supplements:

Weight Loss Supplements

Since time immemorial, Weight has been an issue that a lot of people struggle with. But amongst those who are going for weight loss, very few actually achieve it. Because, as easy as it seems like, weight loss does take a lot of efforts to achieve.

There are a variety of supplements for weight loss, available in the market. And many of these are not only ineffective but also leads to various health issues. So, it is very important to get proper knowledge about the supplement that you’re going to buy.

For effective weight loss results, couple your weight loss supplements with a proper diet and regular exercise.

Top 5 most effective supplements for weight loss:


2. Weight Gain Supplements:

Just like weight loss, many young girls’ and boys’ struggles with weight gain. No matter how easy putting on weight seems like, the truth is actually far away from it. Sometimes, having a skinny or lanky body becomes a cause of loss of confidence.

So, for people who are interested in gaining weight, then you should go for Weight Gainers.

A weight gainer is basically a very effective supplement for weight gain, which leads to healthy weight gains. It is rich in carbs that provide extra calories which in turn results in weight gain along with fat gain.

Top 5 effective and safe weight gainers:


3. Supplements for Muscle Gain:

With more and more film stars promoting abs and muscles, buffed up and muscular body has now become a fashion statement.

So, it is natural that people are gonna follow the trend without any thought. But, it is very important for them to know as to what supplements they are gonna take. And if it’s gonna help them or not.

For all those who are into muscle gain, Mass gainers are the perfect supplement for you. A mass gainer is rich in proteins and low in fats and carbohydrates, as the protein content in it promotes muscle mass gain.

But, keep that in mind that these mass gain supplements only work when paired with a balanced diet and strong workout sessions.

Top 5 supplements for Muscle Gain:


4. Whey Protein Supplements:

Whey Protein Supplements

In the last few years, Whey protein has become quite a sensation among fitness enthusiasts and bodybuilders. It’s a protein, which is the liquid part after the curdling of milk into cheese. With 3 types, concentrate, isolate and hydrolysate, whey protein offers many health benefits like muscle building, weight loss, etc.

Containing all of the essential amino acids, this supplement whey protein, speeds up the muscle tissue recovery from fatigue and soreness while aids in increasing muscles at a quick pace.

5 Best Whey Protein Supplements:


5. Post Workout Supplements:

Post Workout Supplements

After those strenuous workouts, muscle recovery is very important. And for that, you need supplements post-workout. Most of them usually contain glutamine, BCAAs, and casein, which ensures faster muscle recovery and growth along with improved endurance.

The main function of Post Workout supplement is to replenish glycogen, increase protein synthesis and decrease protein breakdown, for better results.

Top 5 Effective Post Workout Supplements:


6. Protein Powder Supplements:

Being the building block of the body, protein plays a major role in bodybuilding along with muscles. There are 3 kinds of protein supplements: Whey, Soy and Casein, all help in building muscles and repairing tissues.

And not just bodybuilding but protein powder supplements also aid in weight loss, by making a person feel fuller for longer.

Top 5 Effective Protein Supplements:

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Make sure that you research the supplements before trying them for the first time. And also, have an expert opinion about the fitness supplement that you’re interested in.

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