COVID-19 Vaccine

COVID-19 Vaccine: What to Expect with the Vaccine and Everything Else about it?

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Finally, the End is Near!!!

I am not talking about THE end of the world but an end to our struggles with the deadly COVID-19 pandemic.

Because, the COVID-19 Vaccine is on its way to us (And I mean literally, it is on the way as we are talking).

According to an NDTV post on 12 January 2021, the first batch of the Covishield vaccine, a version of the Oxford-AstraZeneca’s vaccine that is being manufactured by the Serum Institute of India, has left for Delhi and 12 other cities of the country.

And all of this preparation is for the World biggest inoculation drive, India’s Covid-19 vaccination drive, which is to be held on 16 January 2021, as Tweeted by the Hon’ble Prime Minister himself.

I know that you all must have hundreds of questions regarding the vaccine and are really curious about this drive.

And must be wondering what the vaccines that are going to be used are? How will it be given to people? And who will receive the vaccine first and what’s the process?

But, Don’t worry!!!

All of these questions along with the others will be covered in this blog.

Read more to find everything about the Vaccines for COVID-19:

What are the Vaccines that are going to be used in the COVID-19 Vaccination Drive?

You all must have known that in the last year 2020, the whole research facilities and manufacturing companies around the world were trying to create the Vaccine.

And after numerous attempts, they have succeeded.

Because now, there are a broad range of COVID-19 vaccines candidates that are being investigated globally using various technologies and platforms.

Some of them are in the clinical trials, others are at initial stages. But, there are a few that have passed the final clinical trial stage and are ready to enter the market.

On the 16 January Vaccination drive, these 2 vaccines will be used:


COVID-19 Vaccine

Developed by Bharat Biotech in collaboration with the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) – National Institute of Virology (NIV), Covaxin is India’s indigenous COVID-19 vaccine.

Covaxin uses inactivated’ or ‘dead’ coronavirus, which triggers an immune response when entered the body.

So, if faced with a similar virus in future, then the body will fight it back.


COVID-19 Vaccine

Manufactured by Serum Institute of India, Covishield is a version of the Oxford-AstraZeneca’s vaccine.

The vaccine uses the weakened version of adenovirus (ChAd0x1) that causes common cold in chimpanzees.

And when the vaccine is injected into the human body, a spike protein of SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus is inserted into ChAd0x virus.

So, as soon as the human body cell recognizes the spike protein, it triggers an immunological reaction against the virus.

These vaccines will be given in two doses that will be 28 days apart. And both the doses have to be taken in order to complete the vaccination schedule.

The vaccine will be given at fixed venues that will be medical centres, hospitals, along with schools and community halls.

Who will be given the Vaccine first?

The Vaccination process of the COVID-19 vaccine is divided into 2 phases, the first and second phase.

First Phase of the Vaccination Drive:

In the first phase of the vaccination, around 3 crore healthcare and frontline workers, from both the private and government sectors, will be vaccinated using the 2 vaccines.

The frontline workers include police and paramilitary personnel, sanitation workers, home guards, and disaster management volunteers.

Also receiving the vaccination in the first phase will be civil defence and revenue officials associated with containment and surveillance.

Hon’ble Prime Minister Narendra Modi has assured that 3 crore healthcare and frontline workers will receive the COVID-19 vaccine free of cost and that the state governments will not have to bear the financial burden of it.

Second Phase of the Vaccination Drive:

Then the second phase of the vaccination drive will cover nearly 27 crore people, making it the world’s largest COVID-19 inoculation drive.

People above 60 and those between 50 and 60 years of age groups with co-morbidities will be given the vaccine in the second phase.

After the completion of the priority vaccination, the rest of the population will be vaccinated in a staggered manner.

What will be the Vaccination Process?

People who are eligible for the first phase of the vaccination will be informed through their registered mobile number.

COVID-19 Vaccine

The information about the health facility where the vaccine will be provided and the health schedule will be sent to them.

On the appointed date, people who are registered will be given the vaccine.

To check for any adverse effects, vaccinated individuals will be kept under observation by a five-member vaccination team, for 30 minutes.

Two weeks after the second dose, protective levels of the antibodies against the virus will develop.

It is important to ensure that both doses of the vaccination should be completed with a single type of vaccine, as different Covid-19 vaccines are not interchangeable.

Will the Vaccine interferes with the medication for cancer, diabetes, and hypertension, etc.?

The medication will not affect vaccine efficacy.

People with one or more co-morbid conditions are at a higher risk of getting infected. Therefore, they should take the vaccine.

Also, people who have recovered from the COVID-19 infection should also take the complete schedule of the vaccine, as it helps develop a better immune response against the disease.

Hope this vaccination drive becomes a successful event and the vaccine works efficiently in combating the deadly coronavirus.

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Stay Safe, Stay Healthy…

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