Hair Protection Tips for Holi

Amazing Hair Protection Tips for Holi

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As Holi, the spring festival of colours is finally here. Holi is the most colourful and fun-filled festival where everyone indulges in the fun and carefree vibe. Everyone enjoy a lot while singing and dancing, the bhang and gujiyas, and playing in colours is the main part of this festival.

But, along with all the fun comes a great deal of problems in skin and hair care. Traditionally, Holi was played with natural colours derived from flowers and herbs. It is now celebrated with harmful, toxic and inorganic colours that can ruin hair and skin.

The Colours used now a days, apart from organic ones (that are not usually used), are made up of ingredients like dyes, chemicals, engine oil, diesel, etc. which damages the hair up to the roots.

The colours used during Holi can cause your hair to become dull and brittle and may even induce acute irritant contact dermatitis.

Follow these steps to celebrate this year’s Safe Holi

Oil it to Save it

Holi Hair Care Tips

The oil acts as the best barrier against colours and harmful chemicals. There are various types of oils available; however, most of them can make you feel sticky and messy. Use a light oil that acts as a barrier as well as penetrates deeply into your hair.

Make sure that you have done oiling to your hair before playing Holi. Ideally, you should do it the night before, but if that isn’t possible then give the hair oil an hour to set into your scalp.

Oil helps to prevent the colour from settling down into your hair, thus, making it easier to remove later on. It also acts as a shield and protects your hair from harmful chemicals.Knotss Hair Oil

Use Knotss Hair oil; a magical combination of NINE ancient Vedic herbs, which helps protects your hail from all hair problems. It provides nourishment to your dry and damaged hair protect it from harmful colours. The most amazing feature of it is that it causes absolutely no side effects.

Cover It Up

Hare Care Tips for Holi

Your scalp is more prone to getting itchy and irritated as it comes in contact with the colour. Try using a bandana or cap to cover your hair and scalp to minimize its contact with harmful colours.

Make a side braid, French braid, or a simple ponytail, or a bun but make sure your hair is tied up. Let down hair will absorb more colour than tied up hair.

Wash Your Hair Right Away

Holi Hair Care Tips

After all the festivities, your first step will be to wash your hair with a shampoo. But, that‘ll only cause harm to your hair and make it dry.

Rinse out all the colour from your hair with plain water, until the water in your shower runs clear and then you can shampoo and conditioned your hair.

You should apply a mild shampoo on your hair, gently massaging your hair and scalp and leave it in for about 10 minutes. It will help in extracting and dissolving all the dust and colours that stuck to your hair and scalp.

After the wash, make sure that you apply lemon juice to your hair and scalp. This will restore the essential acid-alkaline balance in your hair and scalp, making them healthy and shiny.

Drink More Water

Holi Tips for Hair Care

Keep yourself properly hydrated by drinking lots of water and juices. It will prevent dehydration, which can cause your hair to get dry and become more vulnerable to harsh colours.

So drink more water and keep a minimum intake of alcohol. Drinking excess water can prevent hair drying and also prevents hair fall.

Post Holi CarePost Holi Care Tips

If you are attending a Holi party, blow drying/curling/ironing your hair before the party should be strictly avoided. Don’t subject your hair to any treatment which will make it dry.

Any hair treatment will expose your hair to more damage than ever. All these treatments will put excessive heat on your hair, making them dry and can cause hair fall.

Hair Mask and Conditioner

Protect Hair from Holi Colours

Make sure that the roots of your hair are masked. As our hair is most prone towards the chemical reactions, they tend to become extremely dry. So, apply a root mask to save them from getting dry and discoloured.

Apply a hair mask overnight if you feel like your hair is still dry. Next day wash it with a mild shampoo and conditioner. Apply a hair mask after 2 to 3 days of Holi to treat the damage done to your hair texture.

These tips will help you to protect your hair from the after-effects of Holi. But, if you find any serious hair problem after Holi, then consult your doctor as soon as possible. Play Safe and have fun. Feel free to write back to us and comment in the section below.

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