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6 Food Related Tips for People Who are Trying to Weight Gain

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While majority of the world’s population is struggling with obesity and being over weight gain , there is also a portion of population that is underweight.

And for an underweight person, it’s not just the physical appearance that is the problem. But being underweight leads to malnourishment and many health problems.

Tring to gain weight for an underweight person is just as difficult task as weight loss for an overweight person.

For all those people who think they can’t gain weight or seems like an impossible task, we have come up with a few tips that can make your weight gain goal possible.

Read more to find out what those tips are.

6 Tips That Helps Accelerate your Weight Gain Goals

Whether its weight gain or loss, it is difficult to change the body weight as the body has already developed a set point for weight.

But gaining weight doesn’t just mean to stuff yourself with food all the time. Otherwise people could achieve it without even trying.

And that’s not true.

What’s important when trying to gain weight is to get it in a healthy way, without getting fat or overweight!!!

So, follow the Diet tips below to stop being underweight and gain weight:

  1. Consume More Calories than Your Burn

The basic rule to change weight is to manage your calorie intake strategically.

But the calorie intake varies from person to person.

On an average, consuming 300–500 calories more than the body burns on a daily basis, ensures steady weight gain.

Therefore, when trying to gain weight, the sole focus should be to increase your calorie intake, which should be higher that the calories that you burn.

2. Increase your Daily Protein Intake

Increasing the muscle mass is essential to achieve healthy weight gain. And a diet rich in protein helps build lean muscle mass.

So, to gain weight, make sure to include more protein rich foods in your daily diet intake.

Some of the example of protein rich foods are fish, eggs, soybean, meat, nuts, dairy, and whey protein.

3. Include Calorie Rich Weight Gaining Foods

Binging on fast foods or slurping one too many sweetened drinks won’t get you the desired weight gain results.

Instead, go for healthier food options like whole-grain breads, fruits and vegetables, lean protein sources, and dairy, etc.

Having nutrient dense foods not only offers healthy weight gain but fulfils the body’s nutritional requirements.

Also, these foods are not harmful for your heart health as well. 

4. Eat More Frequent Meals

Eating more often will helps stay fuller for long and can get you to consume more calories. 

The ideal number of meals to gain weight is have 5 to 6 smaller meals, in place of 3 larger meals.

5. Have Larger Portion Meals

Eating in bigger plates can automatically make you eat more, as they give you an illusion of filling the plate with more food.

The more food you eat, the more calories you gain. Resulting in weight gain.

So, now make use of those bigger plates at home!!!

6. Load up on Healthy Fats

When talking about loading on healthy fats, it doesn’t mean eating more of fat, sugar, and butter, as they are not healthy for heart health.

Because, including more of healthy fats and carbohydrates (fibrous, not refined), helps increase your calories and nutrients as well.

Healthy fats include nuts, avocado, vegetable oils, fish, etc.

Whether it’s gaining or losing weight, one should not leave the efforts in the middle and be consistent.

I hope that you guys find this blog helpful and interesting and if you do, then like and share it with others.

Feel free to share your suggestions with us and write down in the comment section.

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