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5 Diet & Nutrition Tips to Prevent Your Kid from getting Childhood Obesity

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Childhood obesity is not just a single problem but rather a harbinger of many serious health complications like diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, etc.

And not doing something about it is definitely not good for your kid’s future health.

Most people think that obesity in kids is not that common but let me tell you that it is much more common than you think.

Because, in 2010, 43 million children were estimated to be overweight and obese and 92 million were at risk of being overweight. 

So, to everyone who is reading and is a parent, it is time to pay attention to your kid’s health and prevent them from getting obese.

Diet plays a major role in maintaining healthy weight levels, as weight level is one of the most common factor of childhood obesity.

Read more to find out how through diet & nutrition you can prevent your kid from getting obesity.

Follow these 5 Tips to Keep your Kid Protected from Obesity

Parents these days have to really focus on their kid’s diet as the lack of physical activity in their lifestyle doesn’t help their case.

So, it is important to make the necessary diet changes for obesity prevention, at a young age.

As making those changes will turn them into habits at an early age.

According to New York State Department of Health, a calorie-restricted diet may prevent kids from getting the right nutrients and energy they need for proper growth.

Make sure to not focus on weight loss but rather on encouraging healthy eating.

The effective diet and nutrition tips to prevent obesity in kids are:

Top 5 Diet Nutrition Tips Can Help You to Prevent Your Kid from getting Childhood Obesity

#1 Eat Balanced Diet Together as a Family

It is not a great approach to encourage healthy eating in your kid, by letting them follow a different diet than rest of the family.

Doing that can make your kid feels left alone and not included. Which can negative all your efforts.

What would be more effective if the whole family eats the same kind of meal that is both healthy and delicious.

Also, it will help continue those good eating habits as they grow into adults.

#2 Look for Alternative Healthy Snack Options

It would be wrong if you completely remove the snacking option from your kid’s diet, and they won’t assure long term results.

Rather look for healthy snacking options, there are tons of them on the internet. Find them and cook them. That way your kid will be happy and you somehow have incorporated healthy eating in their diet.

#3 Limit their Consumption of Sugary Drinks and Sweets

Sugar and Sweets are one of the most unhealthy food option as they will include empty calories and don’t provide any nutrients.

Sugary drinks, especially are a strong predictor of later childhood obesity.

You can definitely let your kid have them occasionally, but don’t make a habit of it.

#4 Encourage them about Portion Sizes

Portion plays a vital role in maintaining healthy weight levels and the same is with childhood obesity.

It is advised to follow the right portion size according to the kid’s age.

So, make sure that the diet provides them the right nutrition and optimum energy with the right portion of food.

#5 Limit Keeping Unhealthy Foods in the Household

The best way to prevent your kid from eating the unhealthy stuff is to get them out of their reach.

Try to stock your fridge with healthy foods, and allow less-healthy snacks only as a rare “treat” instead.

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